When water damage starts with home appliances

The washing machine is very sick

Appliances with water source can cause water damage in a home. (Photo Credits)

A leaking home appliance such as a washing machine can be a magnet for water damage.

And although there are several home appliances that have to be connected to a water source, the washing machine is thee most frequently used, and one of the most likely home appliance to cause water damage upon malfunction.

Flood Sax narrated a story of how a homeowner found her house inundated with water following a malfunctioning of her washer.

“Mid cycle, washer’s leaked approximately 30 gallons of water poured out of the machine. Making its way from the laundry room, downstairs to the basement, water spilled down, creating major damage everywhere it passed. Hardwood floors, carpeting, and drywall were among the damages affecting all three floors of her home. Repairs were estimated to cost about $24,000. Unfortunately, even though Amanda called in an washer tech who subsequently fixed the machine, the same disaster happened again, with the washer leaking for the second time.”

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Prevention is the key

The website On the House says such an incident can be prevented. Click Here  

“Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly washed clothes? How about wet and moldy flooring? No? Well, a burst water supply line causes half of all water damage incidents involving washing machines. And on average, each incident caused more than $5,000 in damages…and plenty of smelly, moldy carpeting.”

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Other appliances that may cause water damage

Apart from washing machines, there are other home appliances that are likely to cause water damage, as shared by the website Rainbow International. Visit 24Hr Water Damage Restoration San Diego

“Among the top five sources leading to water damage is your hot water heater. A small investment in an annual inspection will help prevent leaks and the expensive repairs that come with it. Be attentive to corrosion and other factors as your heater ages and replace it every 10 years. (2) 69 percent of failures are due to a leak or a burst; (3) After 12 years, 75 percent of hot water heaters will fail and cost an average of $4,444 in damage; (4) Flush your tank every 6 months to remove sediment.”

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Preventive maintenance of appliances connected to water sources can help prevent water damage in any home.