San Diego California has a wide variety of beaches. San Diego contains pacific beach, south pacific beach, mission beach, south mission beach, and etc. These beaches get crowded during the summer season. We discuss some of the beaches here.

Mission beach

Mission beach is between south mission and pacific beach. It is located in the center of the Golden Street and spread over just over a few miles in length. Belmont Park is located near the mission beach. During summer, it is crowded with people living in this city and other cities nearly. Mission beach has lifeguard stations which are permanent and patrolled by lifeguard of San Diego.

Ocean beach

Ocean beach is a wide beach of San Diego. It is spread over 1 mile approximately and located in the community of ocean beach of San Diego. At the north end of ocean beach, volleyball area is located where players play and enjoy beach location. At the north end of the beach, dog beach is located where dogs are allowed to run anytime. The owner of dogs is responsible for the cleanliness of beach due to the dog. Some kind of rules and policies are followed for dogs taking at the beach. Ocean beach also has fishing area. Fishing is not restricted but certain rules are to be followed. Fishing regulations may include regulations regarding bag limits, minimum size and seasons. Like mission beach, it has permanent lifeguard stations.

Pacific beach

It is located in the south of the Crystal Pier. It is always crowded with tourists and families living there. It covers the area of the south before mission beach. There are nine beaches in San Diego which has permanent lifeguard stations and the pacific beach is one of those.

Windansea beach

Windansea beach is a beautiful beach of San Diego. It is famous for its beautiful scenery of rocky shore at the beach. Swimmers have to take care of themselves during swimming because of its sudden water flowing fluctuations. They carefully enter and exit the water.

North pacific beach

It extends over north of crystal pier to the pacific beach. It is approximately 1 mile wide. Tourmaline Surfing Park is located at the north end of the north pacific beach. This park contains restroom and parking for visitors. Sailboarders and kite surfers use this beach extensively throughout the year.

Black’s beach

Black’s beach is also known as Torrey pines city beach. It is owned by San Diego and California mutually. This beach extends over two miles. It also has permanent lifeguard stations.

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