Electrical Repairs Required for Water Damaged Homes

Water damage may possibly require electrical fixes Water damage can cause electrical issues. (Photo Credits) To ensure the whole family’s safety as they reoccupy their water damaged home, an electrical inspection is definitely a must. This is because water damage can cause electrical issues, which in turn can cause accidents like fires and electrocution. [...]

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Vinyl Floors and Residential Flooding

What to do with vinyl flooring after a flood? Can vinyl flooring stand flood water damage? (Photo Credits) Water and flood damage usually cause significant impact on a structure’s flooring. In view of this, it is important that homeowners know how to deal with flooding, and undertake actions that can help mitigate the negative [...]

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Reducing the impact of flooding in a property

Lowering the effects of possible flooding There are ways to minimize the effects of possible flooding. (Photo Credits) Flooding cannot be entirely prevented given the many changes in the climate and the environment. It would still be best though to protect one’s property from unnecessary flood risks. Being informed of the possible flooding scenarios [...]

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Dealing with water damage in the bathroom

Bathroom water damage Water damage can be prevalent in bathrooms. (Photo Credits) Moisture and water damage are very likely in bathrooms primarily because water and moisture is constant in these areas of the home or commercial areas. for instance came up with a guide on self-troubleshooting water damage bathrooms. They said the first [...]

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Cleaning Baby-Related Items after a flooding Incident

Disinfecting and sanitizing baby toys after water damage How to deal with flood water contamination on baby items and children’s toys. (Photo Credits) Flood or water damage can cause bacterial contamination on baby items and children’s toys. It is important that every parent should be aware of how to deal with flood contamination on [...]

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What water damage can do to a child’s health.

The problem with water damage Water damage can cause health issues on children. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be detrimental to a child’s health because of the issues it can bring about. Possible issues include flood-borne diseases, mold allergies, as well as gastro-intestinal illnesses. It is important that flood damage be professionally addressed to [...]

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Sanitizing Kitchen Utensils after Water Damage

Toss or Salvage? Kitchen utensils can get flooded too during a residential flooding. Here’s how to sanitize and disinfect utensils. (Photo Credits) Kitchen flooding is a reality given the plumbing and the kitchen fixtures that have direct access to water supply. And when the kitchen floods, utensils and kitchen items will surely get exposed [...]

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Water Damage and Food Safety

Toss or keep? Water damage can lead to food loss. (Photo Credits) During a bout with water damage most would err to the side of caution and just dispose whatever food item that has been subjected to the destruction. But are all food items that have been exposed to water damage need to be [...]

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Animals and Water Damage

Pets and Other animals Animals can get affected by water damage too. (Photo Credits) Water Damage as they say, can be insidious. It does not only affect the human occupants of a home, it can also negatively impact the lives of the family pets. Moreover, it can invite unwanted animals and pests into the [...]

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Dealing with Water Damaged Mattresses

Can a flooded mattress be salvaged? What to do with a water damaged mattress. (Photo Credits) Water damaged mattresses may or may not be saved, and it will all depend on the severity of the damage and how long water or moisture has been sitting on the mattress. The North Carolina State University published [...]

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What to do when the sewer backs up

Sewer back up and water damage Sewer back-ups can be filthy, messy, and very stressful. (Photo Credits) Sewer backups can send any homeowner into panic mode. And why not? His home is not only getting flooded, it is getting inundated by unsanitary water! The problem with sewage flooding is that it does not only [...]

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How long will it take to clean up water damage?

Indoor flooding clean up Water damage clean up period may take time. (Photo Credits) Depending on the severity of water damage, the duration for the clean-up for residential flooding may vary. The level of indoor flooding that inundated the home, or portion of it, the type and category of flooding, plus how long it [...]

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How to Remove mold off the couch

The dangers of a moldy couch Water damage can wreak havoc to upholstered furniture like couches. (Photo Credits) An episode of water damage in a home, can have endless repercussions when left unaddressed, or addressed inappropriately. Usually, furnishings like the couch can be a casualty in the indoor flooding scene as it can be [...]

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Restoring flooded shoes

What to do with water damaged foot wear? Salvaging water damaged shoes can be tricky. (Photo Credits) After a flood or water damage incident, it can be unnerving to see the aftermath of the flooding and how it has inundated personal items including shoes. But does a person really need to toss flooded shoes? [...]

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Dealing with water damage on vinyl floors

Salvaging vinyl flooring Vinyl flooring needs a different approach when it comes to water damage restoration. (Photo Credits) ­  Flooded vinyl flooring can get damaged during a flooding incident. Whether the water comes from indoor flooding, or from flood waters from outside the home, it can be very destructive especially when floodwater has been [...]

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Guidelines on Testing Water Damaged Electrical Fixtures

What to Check in Flooded Equipment The problem with flooded equipment is that it needs urgent inspection to know if it is possible to refurbish. (Photo Credits) Electrical equipment and water damage would usually mean totaled appliances and fixtures. There however are some instances when electrical devices can still be refurbished and reused, depending [...]

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How to Clean Water Damaged Clothes

Salvaging flooded clothing Water damaged clothing needs to be cleaned and sanitized immediately. (Photo Credits) Most people may think that indoor or residential flooding may not be as dirty as the floodwaters that come from the outside. While that may be true, there is a kind of indoor flood water that can be even [...]

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Salvaging Wooden Floors after Water Damage

Wooden Floors and Indoor Flooding Wooden flooring that has been flooded should be cleaned immediately. (Photo Credits) Wooden floors may be more vulnerable to destruction during a flooding incident compared to its marbled or tiled counterparts because it can somehow absorb a degree of flood water. The water it has absorbed can pave the [...]

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Salvaging Water Damaged Clothes

When Indoor Flooding hits Clothes Cabinets Flooding can be damaging to articles of clothing especially when these has been submerged for a relatively longer period of time. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be very destructive even to smaller properties such as clothes. When the clothes have been soaked in flood water for a relatively [...]

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How to Properly Dispose Water Damaged Furniture

Discarding flooded furnishings What is the safest way to dispose flooded furniture? (Photo Credits) Furniture pieces can be badly damaged during an indoor flooding. And since water damage can be very destructive, even on furniture, there may be a need to dispose heavily damaged pieces of furniture. But how can damaged furniture be disposed [...]

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Drying up a water damaged mattress

How to clean and dry a mattress Tips on drying a water damaged mattress. (Photo Credits) Emergency indoor flooding can cause damage to a host of indoor furnishings including expensive mattresses. But what is a homeowner to do when he cannot purchase yet a new one, and has to make do with one that [...]

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Can you save a water damaged couch?

When to salvage and when to toss Can water damaged furniture still be saved? (Photo Credits) Water damage can be very destructive. Apart from structural damage, it can also destroy furniture. The couch and other upholstered furnishings sustain more damage the longer these pieces of furniture are soaked in flooding. But how should a [...]

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When the washing machine causes water damage

Dealing with a malfunctioning washer and dryer What should a homeowner do when his washing machine suddenly overflow? Read on. (Photo Credits) Washing machineshave their own separate water sources, and any malfunction on this home equipment may lead to indoor flooding. So what should a homeowner do in case his washer or dryer suddenly [...]

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Dealing with water-damaged floors

When water damage hits the flooring When floors get damaged. (Photo Credits) Water-damaged flooring can be very stressful. In fact it could even be problematic once the damage spreads. So how should a homeowner deal with water damage? says the first step to take is to remove all the standing water in the [...]

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How to prevent moldy carpets after a residential flooding

Water Damage and Moldy Carpets Carpets can get moldy once water damage hits it. (Photo Credits) The problem with residential flooding is that no matter how shallow the damage is, there will still be items and fixtures inside the property that can get damaged. One of the major items that can be damaged is [...]

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Salvaging a Water-Damaged Refrigerator

Submerged in Indoor Flooding Flooded refrigerators can be salvaged depending on the level of flooding that occurred. (Photo Credits) Refrigerators are expensive appliances, and so when it gets damaged, it will be sure that a homeowner will shell out a substantial amount of money for repairs, or an even more substantial budget for a [...]

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How to prevent water damage in the kitchen

Avoiding kitchen flooding Kitchen flooding can be avoided. (Photo Credits) The kitchen is one part of the home where water damage can mostly occur. For one, plumbing fixtures are present in the area given the faucet as well as water sources for various kitchen appliances. These plumbing fixtures like the pipe can become clogged [...]

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Dangers of Mold Exposure on Pets

How to know if a pet is sick of molds Symptoms of mold exposure on pets. (Photo Credits) If a pet is acting a bit sluggish, has become even scratchier and is basically not acting like normal then a visit to the veterinarian might be warranted. But before going to the vet it might [...]

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Water Damage, Molds, and Asthma

Untreated water damage can trigger asthma attacks What untreated water damage can do to people with bronchial asthma. (Photo Credits) Untreated water damage can go beyond physical hassles and stresses, because it can cause illnesses including asthma attacks. This is because untreated water damage can induce mold growth within the first 48 hours or [...]

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What a Water-Damaged Home Does to Pets

Pets and Water Damage Pets can also suffer from the ill-effects of untreated water damage. (Photo Credits) Like humans, pets can also suffer from the destructive effects of water damage. They too can be put to harm when the indoor flooding gets too high that they may drown. They can likewise get electrocuted, sustain [...]

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Water Damage, Molds and the Elderly

Old People can Get Sick From Mold Exposure The damaging effects of molds on the health of the elderly. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be extremely destructive, especially when left untreated. Molds is just one of its undesirable baggage, and the problem is that it can be damaging on the health of the home [...]

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Why water damage can be harmful for children

Mold Exposure and Children When water damage affects children. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be very harmful especially when it spurs mold growth. More and more studies have shown that mold exposure can cause various illnesses on children, especially on infants. The US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health published an article [...]

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What to do with Water Damaged Carpet

Water-Damaged Carpet 101 One of water damage’s first casualties is the carpeting. (Photo Credits) When water damage hits, one of the home fixtures it usually hits first is the home carpeting. And unfortunately, for massive water damage problems, this can be troublesome, in fact it can render the whole carpeting unusable. But what can [...]

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Surprising Areas Where Molds May Attack

Water Damage Can Leave Unexpected Areas Moldy After a water damage issue in a home, molds may grow in areas least expected by the homeowner. (Photo Credits) The issue with water damage is that it can become a springboard for molds, and these molds can grow even in the most unexpected places. After a [...]

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Roof Leaks and Water Damage

The issues of a leaky roof A leaking roof may cause bigger problems like water damage. (Photo Credits) A leaking roof brings more to it than puddles of water in the floor that can cause slipping and other minor accidents. Service Ratings Website Angie’s List enumerated the many consequences of a leaking roof. “Interior [...]

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Cleaning Up Molds after a Water Damage Incident

Water Damage and Molds Getting rid of molds after an indoor flooding. (Photo Credits) Indoor flooding can be stressful, disastrous even, and even though it is minor, molds can still grow even after flood waters have been removed. It is important that every homeowner has at least a basic know-how when it comes to [...]

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Where to inspect for molds after a water damage incident

Check for molds after an indoor flooding Molds can grow in as little as 48 hours following an indoor flooding incident. (Photo Credits) Indoor flooding is very stressful already and getting over this hurdle can already be considered as hurdling a gargantuan task. However, a home can still remain vulnerable to mold growth especially [...]

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