What to do when pipes burst

Hunting for burst pipe

A Burst Pipe can be a source of serious water damage. (Photo Credits) 

Water pipes can burst when there is something wrong in the plumbing system of a home or a commercial property.

Burst pipes most of the time can cause drips and leaks that in turn may cause water damage.

AA Blog gave its readers some pointers on what to do while waiting for a professional emergency plumber to arrive. Water Restoration in San Diego Learn more here

“Locate your stopcock. AA research indicates that one in three people don’t know where to find their stopcock. It is essential for all house occupants know how to use and locate the stopcock to your main water supply – knowing this in advance allows you to act fast and minimise the damage. Stopcocks are generally located under the sink, bathroom, cloakroom, under the stairs or in the garage.”

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Damage Control

The Desperate Houselife also offered some tips.

“Turn your electric off. The next thing you need to do involves cutting the power to your home. With so much water around, your family are at risk. Presuming your wirings are damp, it is possible for them to suffer a bad electrocution. You should always turn the power off until a trained professional tells you otherwise.”

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The Legal Examiner for its part cautioned about frozen pipes, and its correlation to water damage.
“Dependent on the pipe size and system pressure, an even small crack in a burst pipe can lead to potentially hundreds of gallons of water a day—causing flooding and property damage. And the repairs can cost thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars.”

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If water damage occurs following a major pipe burst it is important to seek water damage restoration help as soon as possible to minimize possible damages.