When to salvage and when to toss

Couch Surfing No Longer an Option

Can water damaged furniture still be saved? (Photo Credits)

Water damage can be very destructive. Apart from structural damage, it can also destroy furniture. The couch and other upholstered furnishings sustain more damage the longer these pieces of furniture are soaked in flooding.

But how should a property owner deal with furniture that has been submerged to residential flooding?

The Disaster Handbook of the University of Florida came up with guidelines on dealing with home furnishing that has been subjected to flood waters.

“Upholstered furniture that has been submerged in flood water maybe impossible to salvage if it has been badly soaked. If the piece seems worth the effort, however, you will need to clean and oil the springs, replace the stuffing and clean the frame.”

Download the whole handbook here.

Water Damaged Couch

When a couch has been soaked in flood water, and that particular piece is important to the property owner, there is no other recourse but to act immediately. The North Carolina State University Website also published its share of guidelines in saving furniture for homeowners who have experienced residential flooding. Check over here  

“When faced with flood-damaged upholstered furniture, your options are limited. If the water reached the upholstery, the fabric may be stained or watermarked. If the chair or sofa was in water for several hours or more, mud and silt may have penetrated the fabric and padding. The padding will hold the water, causing mildew to grow inside and out. Finished wood surfaces will become cloudy. If water penetrates the finish, the wood will mildew. Joints in the frame may loosen. The furniture also may be contaminated with sewage, pesticides, or industrial chemicals that were in the floodwaters. It may be best to discard the upholstered furniture.”

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Even wooden furniture can get damaged

Doityourself.com for its part explains that even wooden furniture pieces can be vulnerable to water damage. “When a piece of wood furniture has been soaked in water, the very first thing to do is to let it dry. Place it in a room with warm temperature and good air circulation. You may want to turn on the heating and the fans. Alternatively, if the weather permits, you can leave the furniture to dry outside. Make sure the temperature is right. If it is too cold, the wood piece will dry too slowly and mold will form. If it is too hot, cracks will form in the furniture.”

Check out the rest of the guidelines here.

Water damage can be very insidious and can cause a lot of damage. Property owners should act swiftly to at least get a chance to salvage furniture pieces.

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