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Mold issues in the kitchen

Can molds grow in the kitchen? Molds can grow anywhere in the home, including the kitchen. (Photo Credits) Molds can be anywhere in a humid or water damaged house, but not all homeowners can be aware of that. Fortunately there are ways that could clue household members about the existence of molds in their [...]

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Health Risks of Sewer Backups

Safety Issues of Water Damage due to Sewer Backups Sewer problems can present a lot of health risks. (Photo Credits) Sewer backups can be a problematic issue that goes beyond the usual flooding, clean up and expense. It can even become a health issue that may affect all household members. The official website of [...]

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Are flooded mattresses worth saving?

Wet mattresses Flooded mattresses are soiled, heavy, and at the same time could be possibly reeking of bacteria. (Photo Credits) Flooded mattresses are yet another casualty of residential flooding incidents. Flood soaked mattresses can be very difficult to deal with given its size and weight, yet replacing it could bore a hole on one’s [...]

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Reducing the impact of flooding in a property

Lowering the effects of possible flooding There are ways to minimize the effects of possible flooding. (Photo Credits) Flooding cannot be entirely prevented given the many changes in the climate and the environment. It would still be best though to protect one’s property from unnecessary flood risks. Being informed of the possible flooding scenarios [...]

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Guidelines on Testing Water Damaged Electrical Fixtures

What to Check in Flooded Equipment The problem with flooded equipment is that it needs urgent inspection to know if it is possible to refurbish. (Photo Credits) Electrical equipment and water damage would usually mean totaled appliances and fixtures. There however are some instances when electrical devices can still be refurbished and reused, depending [...]

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Water Damage, Molds, and Asthma

Untreated water damage can trigger asthma attacks What untreated water damage can do to people with bronchial asthma. (Photo Credits) Untreated water damage can go beyond physical hassles and stresses, because it can cause illnesses including asthma attacks. This is because untreated water damage can induce mold growth within the first 48 hours or [...]

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Cleaning Up Molds after a Water Damage Incident

Water Damage and Molds Getting rid of molds after an indoor flooding. (Photo Credits) Indoor flooding can be stressful, disastrous even, and even though it is minor, molds can still grow even after flood waters have been removed. It is important that every homeowner has at least a basic know-how when it comes to [...]

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The tools that help prevent water damage

Supplies and equipment Installing tools to prevent water damage. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be prevented as long as the property owner remains vigilant and pro active in avoiding it. Apart from ensuring water damage prevention in the home through diligence, there are technological breakthroughs that will help avoid or minimize water damage in [...]

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When a home needs air purification

Indoor Air and Air Purifiers Air purification technology. (Photo Credits) When a home has been subjected to water or flood damage – and it has never been professionally restored, chances are indoor air quality may be negatively affected, and could become poor over time. Read more here              It is then very important to seek [...]

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The Health Impact of Mold Allergies

When mold allergies attack Mold is a common allergic trigger. (Photo Credits) Molds are the usual culprit to allergies that peak during the fall season. It affects people of all ages, and can be a huge inconvenience. When a home is water damaged though, molds can trigger allergies all year round. 24hr Water Damage [...]

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Why Fire Sprinklers are Important

Life Saving Functions of Fire Sprinklers Fire Sprinklers help buy time during a fire emergency. (Photo Credits) In movies, fire usually break out followed by a scene showing activated fire sprinkler systems. Fire sprinkler systems after all are installed in almost all buildings to help occupants escape in a fire incident even before firemen [...]

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Avoiding mold growth using dehumidifiers

The importance of dehumidifying a home Making a DIY Dehumidifier. (Photo Credits) Dehumidifying a home can help fight mold growth. Having no budget to buy dehumidifiers is not an excuse to not dehumidify a home situated in a city with a high humidity. gave a video instructional guide on how to make a [...]

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