Water Damage on Cabinets

Water damage can rot furniture Even the sturdiest kitchen cabinet can rot due to water damage. (Photo Credits) Kitchen cabinets serve a huge purpose in the kitchen. Without these, the kitchen will be a disorganized mess. But even the sturdiest cupboards and kitchen cabinets can prematurely rot when exposed to flood water or any inundation. [...]

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Signs of water damage in the roof

Ceiling problems Ceiling issues can mean a water damage problem. (Photo Credits) Problems in the ceiling like discoloration or leaks can signify a water damage problem. The issue though could be bigger because it would mean having to repair the water damage, and then the roofing so that the water damage will not recur. [...]

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How flood damage lowers home market value

Destructive to investment Flood damage can terribly affect the value of a residential property. (Photo Credits) It is already a given that a flooded home is less appealing to home buyers given the unfortunate flooding that has inundated some parts of it, the damage that was incurred due to flooding, and the location of [...]

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How to Avoid Mold Inspection and Removal Scams

Deal only with Expert Mold Remediation Contractors Trust only licensed mold remediation contractors. (Photo Credits) Mold problems should always be taken seriously by a property owner. It can gnaw at a home and cause destruction, it can affect the health and wellness of household members, and it can pull down the real estate market [...]

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Common Misconceptions about Mold Damage

Truth about Molds Mold is an alarming issue in any home, but home owners must have accurate information about it. (Photo Credits) Mold seems to be a dead-end issue. A home problem that would mean health risks, structural damage, and huge expense. But is it really that bad? Apparently there are a lot of [...]

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What is the difference between mold and mildew?

Mold Vs Mildew What is more destructive, molds or mildew? (Photo Credits) For some homeowners, mold and mildew are used interchangeably. It can actually be even more confusing because there are also some mold and mildew cleansers that are marketed the same way. But what really is their main difference? Should there be a [...]

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How to prevent mold growth in the carpet

Carpet and molds How to prevent molds from growing in the carpet. (Photo Credits) Molds in the carper could just be one of the unfortunate consequences of water damage or flooding inside a home. This however can get ugly, can lead to illness, and could even get expensive as it may require professional cleaning, [...]

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How mold exposure can harm pets

When molds cause illnesses to animals Pets can also get ill because of molds.  (Photo Credits) Mold exposure is not only dangerous to humans. It can also be very toxic to pets. For households who have pets and are suspecting mold issues in their homes, it is best to know the possible health consequences [...]

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Health Risks of Sewer Backups

Safety Issues of Water Damage due to Sewer Backups Sewer problems can present a lot of health risks. (Photo Credits) Sewer backups can be a problematic issue that goes beyond the usual flooding, clean up and expense. It can even become a health issue that may affect all household members. The official website of [...]

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Molds and Insurance Coverage

Is your home covered for mold remediation? Not all types of mold issues at home can be covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. (Photo Credits) Not all homeowners are aware that most household mold issues are not covered by insurance. Usually it is only covered when it is the direct result of an [...]

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When to Call for Mold Inspection

Suspecting Mold Issues What to do when suspecting mold issues. (Photo Credits) When a homeowner is suspecting mold issues, it is important that it be confirmed immediately by a professional. Molds when left untreated can become a source of health issues, and at the same time can affect the structural integrity of the home. [...]

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How water damage weakens a home

Water damage can be very destructive Water damage is so destructive especially when left untreated. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be extremely destructive especially when it has been left untreated for a long period of time. It does not only damage a home for the short term, but it can definitely weaken the whole [...]

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Flood Clean up Safety Tips

How to safely cleanup a flooded home Safely cleaning up after a flooding is a must to minimize damage and prevent injuries and illnesses. (Photo Credits) The clean-up in a flooded home is every property owner’s dreaded task. It is physically tiring, it is emotionally taxing. And it does not end on that, flood [...]

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What to do with water damaged wooden furniture

Dealing with water damage Wooden furniture can sustain water damage during a flooding situation. (Photo Credits) Water damage is a serious concern for any homeowner. It should be given professional attention as soon as possible to minimize the damage.  But most homeowners though choose to prioritize the repair of their home structure first before [...]

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Buying a Water Damaged Home

Is it a wise decision? Is it wise to buy a water damaged property? (Photo Credits) For some families, buying a water damaged home can be the only option to move into a new neighborhood, or into a bigger home. For some, buying a home with water damage can make a good investment granting [...]

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Mold Illness Symptoms in Children

What are the symptoms of being exposed to molds? Children are susceptible to the many illnesses brought about by mold exposure. (Photo Credits) It is important to stay alert and be aware of the signs of mold exposure on children. As an age group, children are very vulnerable to the effects of getting exposed [...]

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Molds in Public and Industrial Setting

Dangers of Molds in Public Buildings Molds in a public setting. (Photo Credits) Molds can be very intrusive. It does not choose which structure to plague. It does not consider foot traffic in a building. As long as there is moisture and dampness, it sure will grow. So regardless if it is an office [...]

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Animals and Water Damage

Pets and Other animals Animals can get affected by water damage too. (Photo Credits) Water Damage as they say, can be insidious. It does not only affect the human occupants of a home, it can also negatively impact the lives of the family pets. Moreover, it can invite unwanted animals and pests into the [...]

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Dealing with Water Damaged Mattresses

Can a flooded mattress be salvaged? What to do with a water damaged mattress. (Photo Credits) Water damaged mattresses may or may not be saved, and it will all depend on the severity of the damage and how long water or moisture has been sitting on the mattress. The North Carolina State University published [...]

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How to Remove mold off the couch

The dangers of a moldy couch Water damage can wreak havoc to upholstered furniture like couches. (Photo Credits) An episode of water damage in a home, can have endless repercussions when left unaddressed, or addressed inappropriately. Usually, furnishings like the couch can be a casualty in the indoor flooding scene as it can be [...]

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Salvaging Water Damaged Clothes

When Indoor Flooding hits Clothes Cabinets Flooding can be damaging to articles of clothing especially when these has been submerged for a relatively longer period of time. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be very destructive even to smaller properties such as clothes. When the clothes have been soaked in flood water for a relatively [...]

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Drying up a water damaged mattress

How to clean and dry a mattress Tips on drying a water damaged mattress. (Photo Credits) Emergency indoor flooding can cause damage to a host of indoor furnishings including expensive mattresses. But what is a homeowner to do when he cannot purchase yet a new one, and has to make do with one that [...]

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When the washing machine causes water damage

Dealing with a malfunctioning washer and dryer What should a homeowner do when his washing machine suddenly overflow? Read on. (Photo Credits) Washing machineshave their own separate water sources, and any malfunction on this home equipment may lead to indoor flooding. So what should a homeowner do in case his washer or dryer suddenly [...]

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Dangers of Mold Exposure on Pets

How to know if a pet is sick of molds Symptoms of mold exposure on pets. (Photo Credits) If a pet is acting a bit sluggish, has become even scratchier and is basically not acting like normal then a visit to the veterinarian might be warranted. But before going to the vet it might [...]

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Water Damage, Molds, and Asthma

Untreated water damage can trigger asthma attacks What untreated water damage can do to people with bronchial asthma. (Photo Credits) Untreated water damage can go beyond physical hassles and stresses, because it can cause illnesses including asthma attacks. This is because untreated water damage can induce mold growth within the first 48 hours or [...]

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What a Water-Damaged Home Does to Pets

Pets and Water Damage Pets can also suffer from the ill-effects of untreated water damage. (Photo Credits) Like humans, pets can also suffer from the destructive effects of water damage. They too can be put to harm when the indoor flooding gets too high that they may drown. They can likewise get electrocuted, sustain [...]

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Water Damage, Molds and the Elderly

Old People can Get Sick From Mold Exposure The damaging effects of molds on the health of the elderly. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be extremely destructive, especially when left untreated. Molds is just one of its undesirable baggage, and the problem is that it can be damaging on the health of the home [...]

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Why water damage can be harmful for children

Mold Exposure and Children When water damage affects children. (Photo Credits) Water damage can be very harmful especially when it spurs mold growth. More and more studies have shown that mold exposure can cause various illnesses on children, especially on infants. The US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health published an article [...]

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Surprising Areas Where Molds May Attack

Water Damage Can Leave Unexpected Areas Moldy After a water damage issue in a home, molds may grow in areas least expected by the homeowner. (Photo Credits) The issue with water damage is that it can become a springboard for molds, and these molds can grow even in the most unexpected places. After a [...]

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Cleaning Up Molds after a Water Damage Incident

Water Damage and Molds Getting rid of molds after an indoor flooding. (Photo Credits) Indoor flooding can be stressful, disastrous even, and even though it is minor, molds can still grow even after flood waters have been removed. It is important that every homeowner has at least a basic know-how when it comes to [...]

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Where to inspect for molds after a water damage incident

Check for molds after an indoor flooding Molds can grow in as little as 48 hours following an indoor flooding incident. (Photo Credits) Indoor flooding is very stressful already and getting over this hurdle can already be considered as hurdling a gargantuan task. However, a home can still remain vulnerable to mold growth especially [...]

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Untreated Water Damage and Children’s Allergies

Mold Allergies and Untreated Water Damage Children are vulnerable to mold allergy symptoms. (Photo Credits) When water damage is unresolved, molds can grow and eventually affect individuals who are sensitive to mold exposure. Children are among those who are very vulnerable to mold exposure and the allergy symptoms it comes with. The website [...]

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The Truth about Bleach and Molds

Why bleach is not an all-around mold remover Bleach and molds. (Photo Credits) While most mold-removal guides will recommend bleach to remove molds, more and more studies reveal that it is not an all-around cleaner and mold remover. says bleach does not even kill the very dangerous black molds. “When it comes to [...]

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What to Check before Buying Older Homes

Check if there is mold presence Check if there is mold damage. (Photo Credits) When a home has been water damaged, and was not professionally restored chances are molds and fungus may be growing in some areas of the home. This, unfortunately is all too common in older homes, reason why buyers are advised [...]

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When a home needs air purification

Indoor Air and Air Purifiers Air purification technology. (Photo Credits) When a home has been subjected to water or flood damage – and it has never been professionally restored, chances are indoor air quality may be negatively affected, and could become poor over time. Read more here              It is then very important to seek [...]

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Mold Stench and Water Damage

Unpleasant Moldy Odours When molds stink up a home. (Photo Credits) When a property has been subjected to water damage, molds can never be far off especially if it has not been professionally restored. And the problem with molds is, it is not just unsightly, its odour is both offensive and sickening. 24Hr Water [...]

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