Check if there is mold presence


Check if there is mold damage. (Photo Credits)

When a home has been water damaged, and was not professionally restored chances are molds and fungus may be growing in some areas of the home.

This, unfortunately is all too common in older homes, reason why buyers are advised to carefully inspect for mold presence before deciding to buy a dated house. Visit 24Hr Water Damage Restoration San Diego says ceilings and attics should be checked, as mold presence is all too common in these areas.

“Water stain marks on the ceiling could signal that mold exists in the attic. Depending on the size and square footage, those problem areas could cost tens of thousands of dollars each to repair. Before buying an older home, consult with a professional home inspector and obtain a detailed report outlining each problem area. Most banks and mortgage companies require that borrowers or sellers of property obtain professional home inspections before they approve any financing, and you’ll be able to catch any possible safety risks in time.”

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Check for fungus and mold growth

Funky odor can as well be a red flag for possible mold and fungal growth problems as shared by Apartment Therapy. Click Here

“In older homes, it’s tempting to chalk up any mustiness to that “old house smell.” Real estate agents may even refer to it that way, or try to camouflage the odors with candles or air fresheners. It’s always good to bring up any funky smells when you’re touring a potential home, though, because such smells can be indicators of big problems like water damage, mildew, mold, and even infestations of pests like rats or cockroaches. (Yuck, I know.)”

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Check Walls and Ceilings for its part said molds can be hiding under boards so these areas are worth checking before buying an old house.

“Take a close look at the exterior and interior walls, as well as floorboards, skirting boards and the roof. Look out for signs of mould or damp, and check for sagging or cracking that could be a result of structural problems.”

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When unsure about mold presence, professional mold inspection may be needed to ensure that the older home is worth every penny.

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