The inconvenience of Basement Flooding

Back Yard-Water Pumping out of Basement into Flood

The Dangers of basement flooding. (Photo Credits)

Basement flooding is no joke. After all the inconvenience of having a flood-damaged property, clean-up and restoration will be the main task to tackle.

In Texas for instance, flooding can be a problem for homes with basements as shared by The Whiskey Journal. Recommended Water Restoration company WaterDamagePro   

Scores of guns were rescued late last night by the Texas Army National Guard, as firearm owners tearfully reunited with rifles threatened by the rising waters.”

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Fish in Flooded Basement

WXYZ meantime shared about the disastrous flooding situation in a US town, saying it is so epic that fish have been found in flooded basements.

Homeowner Scott Whitehouse, who lives in Frankfort, had two pumps running from his house. He says its a daily thing, pumping water all through the night.”

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Avoid basement flooding meanwhile shared ways to reduce and prevent basement flooding, plus what can be done in case it happens.

“Make sure your clothes dryer is vented to the outdoors. Run an electric fan to help improve air movement. (Be sure to turn it off when you leave for an extended period of time) Install window exhaust fans. Wrap all cold-water pipes (which have a tendency to sweat) with fiberglass insulation or foam sleeves.”

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How do you keep your basement flood-free?