Intervening early on can help minimize damage

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Finding out in time can help any homeowner act on the damage. (Photo Credits)

Water Damage can cause a lot of expenses to any household and so it will always be better to stay on top of the situation and know when to act as soon as it sets in.

E-how clued in its readers on what to watch out for in spotting early signs of water damage. Discoloration is one of the signs that they mentioned.

“Water and mold cause dark spots. Look for changes in the color of wall paint or carpeting. Even furniture may become discolored if the water has absorbed into the fabric. Stains may be obvious, or may appear only in cracks and crevices or inside corners.”

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Do It also shared some ways to detect water damage early on. Read more here

“Inspect the piping in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and basement for corrosion around the pipe connections, leaks, or water stains. Inspect the caulking around the bathroom fixtures. Missing or loose caulking could be caused by water seepage. Look for missing grout or signs of mold. Check the water heater for wet spots on the floor and rust on the tank.”

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Smelly Sign

Resolve by Lowe’s meantime explained early signs of water damage, and they included odor in their list.

“Odors caused by mold and mildew could implicate a water damage problem. The smell may come from basements, walls, or other areas where water has been accumulating for a while. Certain drywall materials can act like a sponge and become full of moisture because there is low air circulation. This is the perfect condition for mold to develop, which will eventually result in visual discoloration (usually black spots) and a detectable odor.”

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Early detection of water damage can do wonders in preventing very costly home damage.

Red Flags that Indicate a Water Damaged Home