There are several things which you can do to enjoy at San Diego. These may be any kind of game, movie cinema, bar, parties etc. there are hundreds of places in San Diego County here you can enjoy by doing fun things.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park extends over 1000 acres and contain museum, parks, garden and San Diego zoo. It contains 15 museums, international culture association, arts, various gardens, and zoo. It offers everything from educational to recreational and enjoyment. Millions of visitors come to park each year. It displays unique railroads and exterior. Visitors enjoy by playing, singing and many other activities. This park of San Diego contains brilliant seasonal flowers and shady trees. The greenery of Balboa Park makes it more beautiful. Park museum offers free admission on rotating basis for visitors and they can enjoy. It offers picnic areas also where families can enjoy.

Mission Bay Park

It is largest Aquatic Park in California. It extends over 4600 acres land which is equally filled with water and plain land. Mission Bay Park contains mission bay beach for swimmers. Swimmers enjoy by swimming at the beach. Annually 15 million people visit this park to enjoy. It is one of the most fun-filled places in San Diego.

Marian bear memorial park

It is located in San Clemente canyon consisting 467 acres area. Biking can be done at the maintenance road of the canyon. A park ranger is assigned to park area. He provides public assistance and guidance. Visitors can visit with their dogs in the park. Fire and overnight camping is not allowed. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park.

Kellogg Park

It is located at La Jolla shore beach. It is a grassy park. It provides space for playing children. Children can play easily at this grassy park.  Playground of about 750 yards is also located in the park for playing. Alcoholic products are not allowed in the park. Families can enjoy with their children in the Park of San Diego County.

Other fun things

In addition to the parks visit, others fun things to do in San Diego are as follows.

  • Visitors can enjoy concerts after 2 pm at spreckels organ pavilion in Balboa Park.
  • Visitors can fly kite at the mission bay park with friends and family.
  • Visitors can visit seaport village and can do window shopping.
  • Visitors can visit beaches and enjoy fishing at the beaches.

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