Prevention is better than Remediation

Hilda kitchen damage

Equipment can be bought to help minimize water damage risks in any property. (Photo Credits)

Water damage can be financially disastrous, and physically and emotionally stressful. And why not, it presents a whole lot of mess, and may even affect schedules, daily activities, and destroy important mementos.

Hence, if there is a way to avoid these stresses, it may be wise to invest not just in insurance, but also on equipment that can minimize if not totally avert water damage.

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One way valves like those installed in floor drainage systems can greatly help in avoiding backups, as shared by the website Culture of Safety.

“Install a one-way float valve in floor drains. These devices can prevent water from backing up from the floor drain. Float valves (like the one shown here) can be found at most home improvement stores for an average of $25.”

Check out those drains here.

Popular Mechanics meantime shared the features of water sensors that make it a great equipment to help any property owner from experiencing devastating indoor flooding.

“You can also go with a more advanced water shut-off system that will turn off the water as soon as it detects a leak. It hooks up directly to your valves and will prevent damage before you even realize that there is a leak. If you have a Samsung SmartThings system, you can purchase their water leak sensors, which will send notifications directly to your smartphone if it detects a leak. Leaksmart makes a notification system that works with Nest.”

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The traveler website meantime suggested areas within a home where water sensors should be installed.

“In addition to washing machines, failing hot water heaters, leaking dishwashers, damaged supply lines to automatic ice makers and overflowing toilets are some areas where water damage inside the home can occur, often without advanced warning. Performing regular maintenance and checking for rusty, corroded or damaged water supply lines and other potential problems before you have a leak is one of the best ways to help prevent water damage.”

See the whole list of areas here.

Buying water damage prevention equipment could end up being a great investment that is worth any property owner’s money.