Long Term Effects of Untreated Water Damage

Water Damage waits for no time. It has to be resolved right away les potential issues will be blown out of proportion causing more damage than what has already occurred.

When property owners disregard or shrug off water damage as a plain puddle of water needing to be wiped off with a mop, the problems will then begin. And although the issues may not spring up right away, it will creep up and rear its ugly head sooner than most households or commercial property owner could expect.

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To give property owners an idea what lies ahead of them if they leave water damage to resolve on its own, or even attempt to resolve it on their own without seeking for professional help, here is a list of the undesirable consequences of leaving water to stagnate on a property.

1. Health Problems. Within 48 Hours, mold can grow on a water-damaged area. Mist and damp places are a good breeding ground for mold and fungus to grow. These two cause respiratory infections among other symptoms that could even land a household, or building occupants to the hospital especially when toxic olds hit a structure.

Symptoms of mold exposure include: Allergies, sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, stuffy nose, asthma attacks, headaches, and skin problems to individuals of all ages, but children and the elderly are the first ones to usually suffer. When the water damage continues to be left untreated, the symptoms could get worse and may lead to chronic respiratory illness, among other health hazards.

Vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever and malaria may also affect the inhabitants of a home with a flooded basement that has been untreated. Stagnant water invite mosquitoes, and these pests use the water as their breeding ground. If these mosquitoes are virus carriers, then they will most definitely affect a person or persons living in the structure.

2. Structural Damage. Any type of structure that gets inundated with water for a prolonged period of time will surely have issues when it comes to its structural integrity. Steel for instance will be prone to rusting and corrosion. Wood on the other hand may swell or worse, rot; and then painted concrete may bubble or chip. Of course discolorations in the ceilings and walls may also occur because of water damage.

3. Permanent damage on furniture, fixtures, and equipment. A rag that is let soaking 00 whether it is just moist or fully soaked – will soon become useless as it may entirely get damaged, and without proper professional restoration techniques, could end up a breeding ground for molds. Appliances, and other furniture and equipment left in stagnating water will also rust or rot, eliminating the possibility of restoration or refurbishing that could at least salvage the equipment or property.

4. Lowered Real Property Value. Once a home is put in the real estate market for sale or lease, prospective buyers or lessees will insect for signs of water damage. And any untreated ad unresolved issue will surely command a chunk of what a home or a commercial property could have been worth.

Moving forward, it is best that any untreated water damage in a property be remediated as soon as possible. There are water damage companies that can do the elbow work for a family or business with a water damage issue, to lessen the hassle and inconveniences that the situation have brought about.