Unpleasant Moldy Odours

Blue Mold Growth

When molds stink up a home. (Photo Credits)

When a property has been subjected to water damage, molds can never be far off especially if it has not been professionally restored.

And the problem with molds is, it is not just unsightly, its odour is both offensive and sickening. 24Hr Water Damage Restoration San Diego More info here       

The website Blackmold Awardspace for instance reminds hoemowners that musty odors should never be ignored.

“Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) are gases produced by mold. The musty odor which you might smell from mold is caused by MVOCs. These odors are actually chemicals which are produced my molds during some parts of the mold’s growth cycle. Laboratory experiments have identified over 200 compounds as MVOCs. They are commonly made up of strong chemicals such as aldehydes, benzenes, tulolenes and many more.”

Read more about MVOCs here.

One area in the home that is usually pervaded by molds and it stinky smell is the washing machine. Fox News Carolina published a report on front load washing machine owners that have complained about molds growing in their washers.

“The lawsuits allege that some front-loading washers from those brands made between 2001 and 2010 “did not adequately clean themselves of laundry residue, and resulted in mold or mildew buildup, bad odors, and ruined laundry,” according to Consumer Reports.”

Check out the whole report here.

Removing the musty stench

The website Health Advisor-Team for itys part shared an easy way to get rid of the stench in any washer.

“You will need: 25gr salt of lemon or potassium hydrogen oxalate; some liquid cleaning detergent (preferably containing chlorine); a sponge; gloves; Directions: First of all wipe the inside of your washing machine with some tissues in order to remove the accumulated dirt. After that apply the cleaning agent (with chlorine content) over the entire surface of the rubber ring, distributing evenly. Close the door and leave it few hours to act.”

Read the rest of the instructional guide here.

Molds should be professionally dealt with especially those emanating from flood and water damage.

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