Medicine-free ways to beat allergies


Explore natural ways to beat allergy symptoms. (Photo Credits)

Allergy symptoms can be very pesky, and so most allergic sufferers immediately reach for their medicines to address the problem.

Some people though do not want to rely on medicines all the time, hence natural ways to relive allergies seem to be a great option.

The website Whole New Mom shared 10 relievers that according to her, actually works for her and her family.

“Wash Your Hair. Especially if you are outside a lot, but even if you are not, washing your hair regularly is very important during allergy season. I know that they whole “no poo” movement is gaining popularity, and I personally don’t like taking time to wash my hair many times during the week, but think about it — your hair is exposed to the elements all the time and when you wash it, you are getting things out of it that you don’t want in there — things like pollution and …. pollen. Though I think it’s very important to go as natural as possible and avoid toxins in your shampoo and other personal care products, do you really want to sleep with all of that pollution and pollen right next to your face?”

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More remedies

Huffington Post also shared remedies that could help in beating allergens. Read more here

“If you can’t stop sneezing, one of the most basic things you can do it to put a barrier between yourself and the enemy outdoors. During spring, summer or fall, Dutta and her colleagues at Mass General recommend patients avoid the pollen that’s in the air by keeping the house and car windows closed and running an air conditioner, she said.”

Check out the other remedies here. also shared a list of natural remedies for allergies.

“Probiotic containing foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and pickles should be a staple in the diet headed into allergy season. Probiotics are simply beneficial gut bacteria that play a crucial role in not only supporting proper digestion but also play a major role in immune health. A large number of immune cells which act as a first line of defense against pathogens are located in the gut, so feeding the intestines these types of bacteria through a diverse diet will fortify their defenses and arm them with allergy-fighting capabilities.”

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If the allergies do not go away despite both natural and medicinal treatments then it may be possible that there are unseen allergens in the home. If a home has suffered water damage, it could be possible that there are molds in the home. the best way to determine is to call for professional mold inspection service.

The Health Impact of Mold Allergies