Water Damage and Moldy Carpets

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Carpets can get moldy once water damage hits it. (Photo Credits)

The problem with residential flooding is that no matter how shallow the damage is, there will still be items and fixtures inside the property that can get damaged.

One of the major items that can be damaged is the home’s carpeting.

Service Ratings website Angie’s List came up with a guideline on what to do with a carpet that has been water damaged. “Remove water as quickly as possible. Use a wet/dry vacuum to clean up as much water as soon as possible. These machines are the most effective tools for removing water and can be rented or provided by water and smoke damage remediation companies that specialize in repairing residential flood damage.”

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When the carpet gets wet

SFGate also gave its own share of tips on dealing with carpet that has gotten wet due to water damage. Read more here

“Wet carpet can be a perfect breeding ground for mold, especially if the air is humid and the water remains in place longer than 48 hours. It’s important to act quickly in removing moisture from the carpet fibers. Smaller areas drenched by a dropped cup of water can be dried quickly with an absorbent towel, but large or entire sections of a room require multiple drying methods. Removing as much water as possible on the first day of the incident will reduce the chances that mold spores will grow.”

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Removing molds

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors or INTERNACHI shared ways on how to deal with carpet that has been exposed to water damage.

“Never allow standing water.  Carpet exposed to standing water will quickly be ruined.  If standing water ever occurs because of a leak or a spill, all carpeting exposed must be immediately cleaned and dried.  The top and bottom surfaces of the carpet, any padding, and the floor underneath must be cleaned and completely dried within a short period of time after exposure to standing water if the carpet is to be saved.  If a large flood has occurred, or if standing water has been present for any extended period of time, the carpet will probably need to be replaced.”

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Carpets can get destroyed when water damage is widespread or have not been addressed immediately.

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