Water Extraction Removal

Water Extraction Removal is one of the most critical steps in the whole water damage restoration process. It physically siphons out a large portion of the water that has inundated the affected area using various equipment meant to remove flood water.

Flood Water Cleanup For Residential and Commercial Properties

Residential and commercial property owners should not waste time in calling for water damage restoration services because water removal should take place immediately. At Ace 24hr Water Damage Restoration Service, we take pride in getting into your location in as fast as 60 minutes upon your first call to our 24-hours a day seven days a week emergency hotline.

We have the most up-to-date equipment and water removal technology. These includes high-powered industrial wet and dry vacuums. We also have gas powered pumps that can suction excess water even while submerged in a flooded area.

Water Extraction

For buildings and other commercial properties, we also have truck-mounted wet vacuums that can be used to remove hundreds or even thousands of gallons of flood water.

And since water removal does not end in removing water that can be seen by the naked eye, we will also be using infrared equipment that can detect water inundation behind floorings and walls. We will siphon these water and moisture out to ensure that water damage does not go unnoticed in the coming days. We will also utilize moisture detectors and hygrometers to give us a better look at the humidity and moisture levels in the property so that a better targeted drying technique can be carried out in the home.

We will then undertake an assessment of the furniture and other contents of the property. We can fully assist you in removing and packing out of these belongings, as well as in the assessment, restoration and refurbishing of the fixtures that can still be salvaged.

Technical Expertise

We at Ace 24-Hour Water Damage Restoration have always been known for our team of expert and professional water damage technicians that are on standby to serve the San Diego area anytime, any day.

We take pride that our water damage restoration specialists are all licensed to carry out water damage restoration plans, and that we invest in their continuing education, and rigorous training to make them up to date with the industry’s best practices in terms of water damage removal and remediation.

They too are armed with the most modern tools and equipment, and heavy-duty supplies and materials to help them effectively carry out their task.

Minimizing the Damage

Our number one goal is to minimize the losses that can potentially be incurred in view of the water damage that hit your property. We know that as soon as we respond, we should immediately carry on with the water removal activity to help lessen the damage in the structure and equipment or furniture inside. The earlier you call us up for our water removal services, the greater your chance of salvaging flooded properties, and immediate restoration of the water damaged area in your residence or commercial establishment. Call us up now.