What to watch out for when buying a home

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Clues that will indicate that a home is water damaged. (Photo Credits)

Buying a home can be a very big decision to make, and a tricky one at that. Apart from the many considerations a buyer has to evaluate, he also has to assess the risks that come with buying the property.

But what are the red flags that will indicate that a home has water damage?

Fox Business clues property buyers into knowing that there could be potential problems in the property for sale.

“Moisture or water stains in the basement may be signs of a drainage issue. If you find any worrisome evidence, an inspector should be able to tell you the extent of the damage. Since water can cause some failure of the foundation, be sure to determine if the home is in a flood zone and whether it’s ever been flooded.”

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Buying in Flood-prone Communities

Homes.com also came up with pointers and reminders in buying a residential or a commercial property in a known flood-prone community.

“Even the best, most expensive homeowners insurance rarely covers flooding. Considering that floods can occur from spring thaws, snow melt, blocked storm drains, burst pipes, construction overflows, flash floods, rain, tornadoes, and hurricane waters your chances of flood damage are real even if you’re miles from a natural water source. Can you afford not to have flood insurance?”

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Intentionally buying a water damaged home

SF Gate meanwhile gave buyers who are intentionally out to purchase flooded or water damaged homes some tips and reminders prior to finalizing their purchase decision. 24hr Water Damage Repair San Diego CA                  

“Contact a contractor who has experience in water-damage repairs. Give the contractor a copy of the home inspection. Ask the contractor about the cost of repairing the damage and cause, if applicable, for a second opinion. Have the contractor evaluate the home if possible. You need permission from the homeowner in writing if the contractor has to open up any wall areas or perform intrusive tests to check for hazards relating to water damage, like mold. Get opinions from more than one contractor to ensure the accuracy of the estimations.”

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Buying a home involves a lot of careful decision-making, and assessment as it will always be considered a major financial investment.

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