Could a roof issue lead to bigger problems?

Leaking Roof?

A leaking roof is just one part of the problem. (Photo Credits)

Water damage does not only come from flooding due weather disturbances, or in view of plumbing problems. It could even come from a property’s structural problem such as roof leaks.

Roof Doctor Utah asked its readers to be cautious about the hidden dangers of roof leaks.

“Sometimes the worst water damage is what we don’t see. A rotting roof or foundation and dangerous black mold are often caught too late. Unfortunately, this is the kind of damage that homeowners don’t regularly check for. Insurance companies see it time and time again: The warning signs were there, but homeowners aren’t equipped to spot them, and they put inspections, seemingly small repairs and fixes on the back burner until real damage is done.”

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Obvious Damage

Lyon’s Contractor meantime emphasized that the water damage a roofing leak may bring could also be very obvious. Find water removal in San Diego CA         

“The attic and your ceiling are the first areas that water attacks in your home. Ceiling plaster might expand and bubble and ceiling paint might darken. The water can also damage the nearby walls’ plaster and paint. Long-term roof leaks can also promote mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health issues. Lastly, water can damage your rafters, fascia boards, wall framing, and ceiling joists.”

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Damage Control

Great Built Roofing and Construction says it would be best to have professionals check out a home or a commercial property’s current roofing system to avoid the danger.

“Wind damage is pretty noticeable; it’s hard to miss bare patches where shingles have blown away. But water damage isn’t always visible at first glance. Water can seep down into areas where shingles are missing or misaligned, and can pool on the wooden decking layer beneath. If this happens, rot and mold could set in.”

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Having the roof checked is one great way of ensuring that a property will not suffer from water damage.