Sewage problems

Flooding due to sewer back-up

Sewer problems can escalate to flooding and water damage in the home. (Photo Credits)

Sewage back-ups can cause more damage than what is usually expected. Apart from it causing major inconvenience, it can cause water damage that is not just damaging to the whole home structure, it is also very detrimental to the health of the home occupants. shared the horrific story of apartment dwellers who had to extract sewage waters from their apartment following a backup in the city sewer line in their community.

“The dirty and smelly water started flowing into apartments on Monday night…At least 15 apartments had sewer water in their basement as high as six inches. Moore has been working around the clock trying to drain water out of the basements.”

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Disnifect and Sanitize

NewsChannel 5 meantime publicized the story of an elderly woman whose home has been inundated with sewer water after their city’s sewer line backed up. Read more here           

“They have been living with the effects of it ever since. They had to rip out a lot of the floors in their own home, and it’s caused damage to their heating and cooling system.”

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A Problem that should be Taken Seriously

The website meantime featured the story of a family who had to leave their home following a sewage back up incident, and how a good Samaritan is trying to help them out.

“But after hearing about the struggles of the family — who became homeless after a series of construction-related mishaps during road work last summer made their home inhabitable — he felt compelled to do something to help them. Gordon has started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to raise money for the family to help “normalize” their lives as they pursue the matter in court…The sewer backed up in June when the crews hit a sewer line while relocating a gas line, filling the basement with more than a foot of raw sewage. Later, the contractor hit a water main, resulting in flooding in the Penberthy home.”

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When sewage backups happen, the next best thing to do is to cal o professional water damage contractors who can extra flood waters, dry the whole home and at the same time clean, disinfect, sanitize and restore it to pre-water damaged state.