When Home Leaks cause Water Damage

Water Damage

What are the signs of water damage? (Photo Credits)

Water damage becomes inevitable when issues on plumbing leaks go unresolved.

The best way to avoid these is routine inspection for leakages around the home, or early detection of signs of water damage. More info here 

WDRB shared some sneaky signs of water damage that homeowners should watch out for.

“Paint that is blistering, bubbling, and/or flaking is one of the best clues ever that you’ve got water somewhere you don’t want it. (Ditto for loose and peeling wallpaper.) If you are in the process of shopping for a new home, beware of any house where only certain areas, such as ceilings or single walls, have been freshly painted. Rather than merely redecorating, the seller could well be trying to cover up signs of water damage.”

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Sneaky water damage indicators

Keystone Basement Systems meantime published in its website some early signs of water damage in the basement. Click here

“Because most basements aren’t easily ventilated, smells and odors can often be trapped there, making the air in the area seem musty and closed up. However, musty smells can also be an early symptom of mold growth, which can be harmful to the health of your family. When the musty smell has a hint of a mildew odor accompanying it, be sure to check the entire basement for mold. Varying types of mold, especially black mold, can cause allergic or even toxic reaction in humans.”

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Watch out for water damage indicators

Oregon Live also shared signs homeowners have to watch out for and offered some advice once water damage is detected.

“Once you notice water damage, repair rooms promptly to prevent mold from growing and decay from spreading, say experts. The longer a water problem is left untended, the more it will expand and become more costly to fix.”

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Have you noticed any of the signs in your home?