When Water Damage Starts Posing Risks

Flooding of a house

Black water damage can cause severe illnesses. (Photo Credits)

Water damage has several categories, and one of which is black water damage.

Capital Rug Cleaning defines Black Water Damage as the most contaminated type of water damage that could inundate a home or a commercial structure.

“Also known as “Black Water” refers to flooding from a extremely unsanitary source which contains harmful bacteria and fungi which will cause severe discomfort or sickness. Category 3 flood damage will usually come from a sewage back up. Other sources include seawater, rising water from rivers or streams, ground surface water entering your home or standing category 2 water that is not promptly removed and left standing for 48-72 hours. To treat this type of flooding requires extremely specialized equipment and training and will often require mould remediation after dry out is completed.”

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Water Damage that can lead to severe illnesses

MyArklamiss.com meanwhile warned those affected by floodwater damage to be on the look-out for molds once they return to their homes.
“The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals says the flood water and damage could pose a risk to the family’s health.”

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Do not disregard warnings

Restoration Master Finder also cautioned its readers into black water damage. San Diego, California

“Flood damage and sewage backups are the most common sources of black water damage and because of the risk to your health, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to clean up flood damage and any other black water damage because they have the right cleaning products to disinfect the affected surfaces and purify the air to eliminate mold spores and other airborne contaminants. Mold, microorganisms, and toxins from waste materials can result in a range of allergic reactions and extended exposure can even lead to more serious respiratory problems including infections and difficulty breathing. If you come into contact with black water, make sure you use warm water and soap to wash yourself vigorously.”

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