Why bleach is not an all-around mold remover

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Bleach and molds. (Photo Credits)

While most mold-removal guides will recommend bleach to remove molds, more and more studies reveal that it is not an all-around cleaner and mold remover.

Buzzle.com says bleach does not even kill the very dangerous black molds.

“When it comes to sanitizing or disinfecting surfaces, bleach undoubtedly is an effective product to use. The substance being a powerful oxidizer, works well in getting rid of certain types of bacteria. However, if we are speaking of getting rid of black mold, then what most experts have commented may raise your eyebrows in disbelief. According to them, bleach is only helpful in killing mold that is growing on materials such as bathroom tiles, bathtubs, glass, and counter-tops. This is because these are all non-porous surfaces. Bleach does not come in handy for surfaces that are porous.”

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The dangers of using bleach

The website Surviving Toxic Mold cautioned its readers into using bleach to kill molds.

“When you combine bleach with certain mycotoxins and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), it will create neurotoxins and brain tumors. Chlorine bleach has been classified as a hazardous chemical. It contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and water.  It is way too dangerous for common use in homes yet you see all of the “Fluffy” commercials about a certain “brand” of bleach that Moms should wash all their laundry with. This is probably the worst case of dangerous marketing our society as ever seen.”

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The safer alternative

The website Rodales Organic Life says lemons are a safer alternative in cleaning up molds. Check over here

“Both lemon and chlorine bleach will effectively remove surface mold and its stains, but neither can permanently “kill” the mold. Since both are performing the same function, opt for the safer, healthier lemon juice. If you have a particularly tough bit of mold or mildew, rub the spot with salt and lemon juice, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before wiping it away. You can also try adding a splash of vinegar.”

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In cleaning or removing molds, it is still best to engage the services of experts to completely remove and prevent molds from growing back.

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