The health dangers of water damage


Health risks following a flooding. (Photo Credits) 

There are many health risks brought about by floods.

Canadian website About Kids Health warned about the illnesses that can been derived from flood waters. Water Removal

“Now, several weeks after the floods in Mumbai, the incidence of water-borne disease is on the wane but there are rising cases of vector-borne diseases. Vector-borne diseases are those that are transmitted to humans by an insect. They are often caused by the mosquitos that breed in the stagnant waters, such as those left behind after a flood. Mumbai is seeing rising cases of malaria. In New Orleans, with the receding of the floodwaters, U.S. health officials fear an increase in cases of the West Nile virus.”

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Wading in Flood Waters

Thing Link also shared a presentation on Flood-Borne Diseases. 24/7 Commercial Water Restoration Pros 

“Leptospirosis. What: A bacterial disease caused by animal urine and fecal matter. Prevention: Avoid prolonged exposure to flood. Symptoms: nausea and vomiting, appetite loss, sudden headaches, muscle pain, fever.”

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Climate change to aggravate the Situation

In South Africa, experts warn that Climate Change can turn the situation from bad to worse as shared by the website Timeslive.

“As if the drought has not caused enough damage to the economy and food production‚ the South African Medical Association has warned that climate change will produce a surge in water-borne diseases.”

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How do you avoid contracting flood-borne diseases?