Avoiding further damages


Water damage affecting furniture and other home furnishings. (Photo Credits)

Water damage can be ruthless. It can inundate everything inside a house within a couple of minutes. Pieces of furniture like couch, wooden cabinets, and tables are no exception.

The website CSVV says depending on the level of inundation, professionals can determine whether a piece of furniture can still be salvaged or refurbished. Check out this post  

“Whether or not your furniture is suitable to be salvaged with the help of re-upholstery primarily depends upon the severity of the damage. Here, it is always advised to go with certified professionals for the re-upholstery as they are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to give your furniture the look and feel that it had before. You must never experiment with leather upholstery as there are specific ways to take care of these, and you must follow the terms and maintenance conditions given by the upholstery company.”

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Wooden Furniture and Water Damage

The website JC Wood says for wooden furniture, damage can be varying.

“Water damaged furniture, especially wood furniture, can be tricky to repair.  Although most finishes will protect the wood furniture surface, it can still become damaged by water. “

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Water Damage on Walls

A painted wall can also be severely affected when water damage strikes.

Stack Exchange assures its readers though it can still be remedied. “If it was indeed just recent & not an ongoing for years situation. Then, let it dry for a week or 2 & see how solid it is then. As long as it feels as solid as before & the rest of the walls, then definitely scrape off what bubbled, split & wrinkled paint you can so there are no lifting or flapping edges.”

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It is critical for any property owner to immediately get I touch with water damage professionals as soon as water damage occurs. Doing this will be very helpful in terms of ensuring that the damage can at least be minimized.