Water Damage can happen to any property – be it a residential or commercial structure, a high rise or a low rise building, a three-storey townhome or a bungalow. Water damage does not choose a place and time.

And although some can be prevented through regular plumbing maintenance, periodic structural checks, water damage due to storm, weather disturbances, and other incidences beyond the property owner’s control can take place at any given time.

Water Damage Tips

Moving forward, the best thing to do it to arm oneself on the know-how on what to do while waiting for professionals to arrive at your flooded home.

Water Damage Tips

At the onset of flooding:

  1. Immediately get in touch with professional water damage restoration experts. Have them arrive at your home as soon as they can because the quicker they respond, the lesser the losses you will incur in terms of property damage.
  2. Turn off all power sources. This, and if you can remove electronics and appliances from the inundated area. If not, try to cover the submerged part of your hoe fixtures with foil or any waterproof material.
  3. Remove all the water that you can physically extract from the damaged area. Buckets, dippers, or whatever material you can use to MANUALLY extra flood water. Do no attempt to use your wet or dry vacuum for this purpose to avoid malfunctioning and electrocution.
  4. Dry the area as much as you can. If you can, dry the submerged area by mopping, sponging off, wiping the wet area with rags and the like. If in case the damage is brought in by weather disturbances like heavy rains or non-stop snow fall, open your home or office windows as soon as it is safe to do so to help let the moisture out.
  5. Air the place. If you have a power source use, fans to dry out the walls and flooring, as well as other parts of the home that have been submerged.
  6. Remove all documents. Ensure that all documents that have been damaged by the flood water are salvaged and if not, have been separated and dried out in a safe place.
  7. Remove damaged upholstery and fabric. These my get damaged, discolored, and be permanently unusable if not removed in time, so when you can do it, carry on with the task.
  8. 8. Make sure to bathe and disinfect the parts of your body that came into contact with the flood waters. This is to ensure that you will not get ill because of any virus or bacteria that has contaminated the water.

Observe and look around your home, and always stay in a safe place. Check out the ceilings, and walls for cracks and other damage that may cause physical harm or injury to you and your fellow occupants of the property. If you cannot carry out any of the above suggested immediate response to water damage, just ensure that you have called don water damage restoration professionals so that you can minimize the damage of the flooding, and be able to return to your usual grind at the soonest possible time.