The whole process of restoring a water damaged property to its normal state could be a tedious process. It should however be done as quickly as efficiently by professionals to help lessen the potential losses that may be incurred due to flooding.

At Ace 24 Hour Water Damage Restoration San Diego, we take pride in a simple and streamline process that is thorough and will always put your best interest in mind.  We have a 24-hours a day Seven Days a Week Hotline with operators that are on standby to take urgent calls for water damage response.

The whole process begins when we take your call, and ask for background information on the damage. We will the send a water damage restoration team to your location as fast as we can – we actually endeavor to be in your location within the next 60 minutes after receiving your phone call.

San Diego Water Damage

The Water Damage Repair Process

Upon the arrival of our team of licensed water damage restoration experts, we will immediately commence the process.

  1. Quick but thorough Inspection. We will undertake a thorough inspection and walk through of your property, particularly the area saturated by water damage. We may use measurement equipment to give both of us an idea on the techniques to carry out in the water damage remediation process. We will then immediately confer with you s to our watr removal and damage restoration pans so that you will have an idea on what we will be carrying out in your home.
  2. Commence the Water Extraction Process. We will then begin the whole water extraction process using our up-to-date suction, vacuum, and siphoning equipment. We will be removing all the stagnant water that is inundating your property, and after which, immediately remove the property and fixtures in the affected area.
  3. Drying of the affected area. All areas that have been subjected to water damage will be thoroughly dried sing industrial strength dehumidifiers, drying systems, heaters, and air movers. This is to ensure that the area will no longer be damp and moist – to prevent possible mold and fungal growth.
  4. Sanitizing and Disinfecting Process. No matter the type of water damage, we will carry out sanitizing and disinfecting activities inside the affected area to ensure that it can already be safely occupied by your family or your building tenants or workers. It is important that such procedure be implemented to guarantee the over-all health and well-being of the property occupants.
  5. Damage Re-Assessment. We will then proceed with re assessing the damage brought about by the flooding in your home or commercial property. We will then give you advice on the potential restoration and refurbishing of thee equipment and furniture that have been removed from the water damaged areas.
  6. Repair, Reconstruction and Restoration Phase. Once the water-damaged furniture and equipment have already been repaired or refurbished, we will then move on to the Three R’s – Repair, Restoration, and Reconstruction to rebuild whatever has been damaged, and at the same time ensure the structural integrity of the home or commercial property. This last step is very crucial in ensuring that the property has already been restored fully and ready to be re-occupied once more.