Can water damaged pictures still be salvaged?

How to save water-damaged picture? (Photo Credits)

Photos are really hard to replace especially if they are old ones that do not have counterpart soft copies or backups.

Water damage however can strike anytime and can damage pictures at a snap of a finger.

Crest Leaf shared a tip in one of their published articles warning about DIY drying of photos.

“Don’t Dry Them Out: While you may panic at the first sight of your soggy photographs and run to grab a hair dryer, this is a big family photo faux pas. In fact, you may cause even more harm to your photos! Once those family photos dry, they’ll stick together. And when you try to separate them later, it will be nearly impossible not to cause further damage to the photos. So, don’t dry them yourself — and don’t let them dry out on their own if you can help it, as this could also cause the photos to mold.”

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Do not let memories slip away meantime shared some ways to salvage photos that have been damaged. San Diego, CA

“If preserving especially old photographs or artwork, consider placing wax paper on top of the item and weighting down just the edges with glass (jars, bottles, etc.) or any small heavy item so they will dry a little more flat.”

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Prevention is the key

The website Water Damage Advice meantime gave some tips on how to protect documents including photos from getting damaged by flooding.

“If you must keep your documents in your home, you can also research water-resistant and fire-resistant storage options. There are cabinets and other storage boxes built to withstand damage from fire or water. Putting one of these in a home can be a great option for keeping documents close by, but also protected in the event of a fire.”

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How do you protect your photos from water damage?