Pets and Other animals


Animals can get affected by water damage too. (Photo Credits)

Water Damage as they say, can be insidious. It does not only affect the human occupants of a home, it can also negatively impact the lives of the family pets. Moreover, it can invite unwanted animals and pests into the home, due to the structural problem, water damage brings about. Check over here           

For instance Media Outfit WHAS-11 published a news report on water damage displacing some dogs in a community.

“Days after a major pipe burst at the Kentucky Humane Society, donations have doubled to make up for displaced animals. The water damage put 11 kennels out of commission for the foreseeable future. While the damage is costly to fix, the more urgent problem is housing the dogs. Luckily, the community stepped up to help.”

Read the whole report here.

The Report

The Kentucky Humane Society is actually the shelter mentioned in the news report. They called on to the public for help.

“The water pipe was part of the sprinkler system. The water caused damage to the kennels, and 11 large dogs had to be evacuated to other KHS locations. All the animals are warm and safe. We are still assessing the damage and don’t have a price yet for repairs. To avoid mold, all the affected dry wall and insulation will need to be torn out and replaced. Insurance will cover part of this, but we don’t know how much yet, and we don’t have estimates on the repairs yet. In addition, we have found other problem areas with the kennels such as outdated drainage systems. We think the kennels may be out of commission for a number of weeks while we make the needed repairs.”

Check out the rest of the published news report here.

Unwanted Animals

While pets get affected by water damage, some unwanted animals seem to take advantage of the situation and pry into water damaged homes.

Frontline Animal Removal warned homeowners about this possible situation, when water damage occurs and is not fully remediated.

“In turn, these water damaged areas on our homes’ exteriors invite opportunistic nuisance animal species to move in.  Raccoons are one of the species that love to find these water weakened areas.  It only makes sense as their natural denning spots of tree hollows are made by nature in the same way. Here’s an example of a roof that was damaged by water.  A combination of age, design, and leaky gutters enable this roof to become very weak.  A raccoon found the weak spot in the roof and moved in.”

The original article can be found here.

Water damage should indeed by remediated as soon as possible to avoid negative impact on the lives of pets, and at the same time prevent nuisance animals from entering the home.