Wet mattresses

Craig's Pile from Above

Flooded mattresses are soiled, heavy, and at the same time could be possibly reeking of bacteria. (Photo Credits)

Flooded mattresses are yet another casualty of residential flooding incidents. Flood soaked mattresses can be very difficult to deal with given its size and weight, yet replacing it could bore a hole on one’s pocket.

But can flood-soaked mattresses be really saved?

An article published by The Washington Post says it may be best to dispose of flooded mattress. Read more here 

“Most upholstered furniture, mattresses and draperies should be tossed. Floodwater from a storm is a nasty soup of microorganisms from sewage leaks, chemical spills and everyday contaminants. Properly cleaning all but the most valuable pieces would probably cost more than replacing them.”

Check out the rest of their article here.

Rain but not floods

The website SF Gate meanwhile mentioned that while flooded mattresses are best tossed, those that have only been rained on due to roof leaks, or simple spills can still be salvaged. They explained why on one of their posts.

“If the mattress was in a flood, the water likely was contaminated with biohazards and dangerous chemicals or fuel. In that case, even if you could sanitize the inside of the mattress sufficiently, mold from lingering moisture could invade unseen. Mattresses that avoid complete saturation — such as those wet from spills, rainwater leaks, water used to put out a minor fire or similar sources — can be salvaged, as long as you work quickly and dry them thoroughly.”

Take a look at the rest of the write-up here.

Beddings and more

And while mattresses can be saved, an article by the North Dakota State University mentioned that beddings can be saved depending on the quality of floodwater where it had been soaked.

“If you decide to clean the bedding, the first step is to hang it outside to air out and dry completely. Once it is dry, brush it to remove excess dirt. Wear a dust mask while you are brushing the bedding. Then you must clean the bedding. Wash bedding at a commercial laundry, using a large front-loading machine. Don’t overload the washer or dryer. Use the full water level, heavy-duty detergent and water as hot as possible for the material you’re washing.”

Take a look at the step-by-step procedure they published in their article here.

Mattresses are very important in the home and can be expensive. But it may be impossible to salvage it especially when flood soaked.