Deal only with Expert Mold Remediation Contractors

Moldy wall

Trust only licensed mold remediation contractors. (Photo Credits)

Mold problems should always be taken seriously by a property owner. It can gnaw at a home and cause destruction, it can affect the health and wellness of household members, and it can pull down the real estate market value of a property.

Having said these, there are still a lot of unscrupulous individuals peddling their “mold inspection” services that are uncertified, and worse, does not do the work that it claims it does complicating the problem even more.

Home Improvement website Today’s Homeowner says one could actually forego an inspection if there is an obvious mold presence in the home. But if molds cannot be seen and there are persistent allergy attacks, or stench, and the property owner is convinced to get a mold inspection then it would not hurt to take a few precautions.

“Don’t Fall for Gimmicks: Ozone generators, biocides, fumigants, encapsulants, and other mold-killing (or covering) measures can be more toxic than the mold itself; and they don’t actually stop the mold at its source. Remember that mold has to be completely removed, the moisture problem fixed, and the wet materials either dried or replaced. Any other mold killing services are a wasted expense.”

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Tips on Hiring Mold Remediation Experts

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services also says that a homeowner can forgo mold testing if mold presence is obvious in his home. It added that the next thing to do is to hire a certified mold restoration company.

“Get more than one estimate. Make sure all parties are bidding on exactly the same work. Make sure the contractor comes to the job site rather than giving a telephone estimate. Be leery of an extremely low estimate. Be cautious of a contractor or consultant that uses SCARE tactics to make you do more than you really need to have done.”

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More tips

The Better Business Bureau meanwhile reminded property owners about what to keep in mind when hiring mold remediation companies. First on their list is to check the history of the company with the Better Business Bureau through its website. Read more here

“Verify the company’s license. In Louisiana, mold remediation contractors must hold an active license with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. You can search companies on their website at The license information also should tell you how long the contractor has been licensed to perform work. Make sure the business has extensive experience in cleaning up mold.”

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Property owners should indeed be cautious when hiring mold inspection and removal companies.