The importance of dehumidifying a home

Making a DIY Dehumidifier. (Photo Credits)

Dehumidifying a home can help fight mold growth. Having no budget to buy dehumidifiers is not an excuse to not dehumidify a home situated in a city with a high humidity. gave a video instructional guide on how to make a homemade dehumidifier. Check over here 

“One of the main components is the peltier chip, also called a thermoelectric cooler. This is a 40x40mm chip that does something amazing! When powered from a 12V source (like a battery), one side will increase in temperature while the other side will decrease. The temperature difference is the required condition to make the water vapour in the air around us to transform into a liquid state, also called condensation.”

Watch the instructional video here.

Homemade Dehumidifier

Starts at 60 also shared its own version of homemade dehumidifier.

“If you live in an area that gets so humid you swear you could swim in the air then we have something that can make your life more of a breeze. This little article describes how to make a cheap DIY dehumidifier and it is very easy.”

Get the guide here.

Just Buy One

British-based DIY Doctor meantime shared a buying guide for dehumidifiers for those who would not want to venture on making their own.

“Another decision that you must make is if you want to dry washing indoors. Drying your washing indoors raises the humidity level of your house dramatically and creates an ideal breeding ground for mould spores. To keep the humidity level down and to keep your walls and windows dry you should use a dehumidifier with a Laundry Mode setting.”

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Dehumidifying is important in preventing mold infestation in a property.