Truth about Molds


Mold is an alarming issue in any home, but home owners must have accurate information about it. (Photo Credits)

Mold seems to be a dead-end issue. A home problem that would mean health risks, structural damage, and huge expense. But is it really that bad?

Apparently there are a lot of misconceptions about this microorganisms and it is crucial that homeowners are aware about the truths surrounding mold problems.

An Article Published by the San Diego union Tribune for instance debunked myths surrounding mold growth in commercial and private properties. One of the myths discussed in their write-up is that molds cannot be cause by the homeowner himself.

“Mold accumulation can often be caused or worsened by a failing to properly ventilate a residence.  Mold can build up in stuffy bathrooms or any area where the environment is humid, warm and poorly ventilated.  Before the mold scare started in 2000, with the new term toxic mold, people would occasionally see black mold in shower or bath enclosures and would simply wipe it off with a cleaning solution.”

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Mold Facts

The American Industrial Hygiene Association meanwhile shared information about molds, including how a homeowner should react if there is mold growth inside their home.

“Small amounts of mold growth in workplaces or homes (such as mildew on a shower curtain) are not a major health concern. Large quantities of mold growth, however, are an important public health concern. In addition, mold can damage building materials, finishes, and furnishings and, in some cases, cause structural damage to wood.”

The rest of the write-up can be read here.

Cleaning up Molds

The Family Handyman likewise shared information about molds that busted myths surrounding it. One of the myths the article debunked is how to clean molds. 24hr Water Damage Repair San Diego CA

“Bleach does kill mold, but it’s hard on your lungs, and it doesn’t do a good job of removing mold. Scrubbing with soap and water is a safer and more effective way to eliminate mold from hard surfaces. If porous surfaces like drywall or carpet get moldy, you can’t clean them; you have to get rid of them. Bleach is necessary only if the moisture that caused the mold is from sewage. In this case, use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach per gallon of water.”

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Knowing the right information about molds is one step into ensuring that it will not cause damage to one’s home and health.