All about Water Damage

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When water damage happens. (Photo Credits)

Water damage can happen even to the most cautious of all households and establishments.

The website Facility Executive has enumerated ways on how to find potential damage sources in a home of building. Click Here  

“Some parts of a building should be more frequently and thoroughly inspected than others. Roofs should be regularly checked for leaks. Points where materials are spliced or joined should be given added attention. Drainage systems should be looked at regularly. Any outside horizontal structure that’s made from a concrete substrate, like a patio or a parking deck, should be inspected regularly. Vertical concrete surfaces, such as walls made from concrete blocks, are also due for an inspection. Inside the structure, any level below the grade is especially susceptible to water damage. Windows, throughout the whole building, are also potential spots where water can get in.”

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Water Damage and its Many Consequences

Environmental-Expert shared tips on how to prevent water damage from occurring this time in residences. Visit 24Hr Water Damage Restoration San Diego   

“Regularly inspect washing machine hoses and be sure to replace them if there are any signs of cracking or bulging.”

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Web Wire meantime advises homeowners and commercial residential property managers to regularly conduct ocular inspections in their property to prevent water damage.

“Water damage in all types of buildings is one of the most common causes for an insurance claim.  It can be caused by everything from a natural flooding event or indoor plumbing leak to a sewer backup, faulty hot water heater and numerous other reasons.”

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Do you regularly inspect your home for water damage?