Water damage may possibly require electrical fixes

flooded basement

Water damage can cause electrical issues. (Photo Credits)

To ensure the whole family’s safety as they reoccupy their water damaged home, an electrical inspection is definitely a must. This is because water damage can cause electrical issues, which in turn can cause accidents like fires and electrocution.

So what should a homeowner do with their electrical fixtures in case of water damage occurrence?

UK-Based electrical safety website, Electrical Safety First says it is important that a registered electrician be consulted immediately to evaluate the status of electrical fixtures and avoid further accidents. 24hr Water Damage Repair San Diego Ca

“If the water damage to electrics is relatively minor and caused by clean water, i.e. a burst water pipe or tank, then it is likely that the registered electrician will just need to dry out cables and replace any accessories affected by the water (sockets, switches, plugs etc.) If there is major flood damage to the electrics caused by clean or contaminated water, then it is likely that parts of the electrical installation will need to be rewired. When rewiring is necessary, ask the registered electrician about the possibility of raising the height of the newly installed electrical equipment, including raising the fuse box and sockets to above any future expected flood level.”

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Safety First

House Logic meantime cautioned homeowners against rushing to find out about the possible electrical concerns facing them following a flooding event.

Even if the power isn’t operational, it’s a good idea to go to your fuse box and turn off the main, plus all of the individual fuse connections. That way, if the power is reactivated, you’re not at risk for mixing standing water and electricity.”

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Flood and Electrical Safety Inspection

The Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency published a manual on dealing with electrical concerns following a flooding. The manual detailed steps homeowners should take to ensure their safety and that of the rest of their family.

“Check with your building or electrical inspector to see how much work you can do on your wiring. Many local codes require that a licensed electrician do the work, or that a municipal inspector check the system before you can turn the power back on. The electrical system should be tackled in two parts:  the main breaker or fuse box and the circuits.  If the main box got wet, it should be checked and cleaned by an electrician before you turn the power back on.  You should have the electrician move your main box above flood level for future protection.”

Print and download the whole manuscript here.    

When water damage occurs it is important to conduct an electrical wiring expansion.