When mold allergies attack


Mold is a common allergic trigger. (Photo Credits)

Molds are the usual culprit to allergies that peak during the fall season. It affects people of all ages, and can be a huge inconvenience. When a home is water damaged though, molds can trigger allergies all year round. 24hr Water Damage Repair San Diego CA  

In a report, CNBC.com say unusually warm weather can also trigger mold allergies.

“Parikh attributes the mold to a rise in humidity that enables the mold spores to proliferate. The dry air in the winter months typically suppresses mold, because fungal spores need food and water to grow. This time of year, mold spores are typically not as prevalent as they are in the summer months, since mold can’t grow in freezing temperatures. It may be tempting for many people experiencing warmer-than-normal conditions to open a window and let in fresh air, but that may not be a good idea for allergy sufferers: The warmth, humidity and spores can enter with it.”

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Allergy Season

The website Consumer Reports says Fall Season remains though as the peak season for mold allergies.

“Fall is peak mold time in northern areas of the U.S. (It’s the southern region’s turn during the warmer months.) But the unpleasant symptoms of an allergy to mold can crop up during any season, because common allergy-provoking fungi such as alternaria and aspergillus can grow outdoors and in damp spots indoors all year long. In addition, spores from outdoor mold can waft inside when you open a window or door, and they can hitch a ride on hair, clothes, shoes, bags, and even your pets.”

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Facing triggers

Flonase for its part shared some ways on how to alleviate this type of allergy.

“Unfortunately, mold exists everywhere, but there are steps you can take to limit your contact with it both indoors and out. Limit outdoor activity during pollination periods when the mold count is high. This will lessen the amount you inhale.”

Check out their mold allergy alleviation checklist here.

If allergies attack on a daily basis then there may be a mold problem in a home, and the best people to consult are water damage experts.