Indoor Air and Air Purifiers

Air purification technology. (Photo Credits)

When a home has been subjected to water or flood damage – and it has never been professionally restored, chances are indoor air quality may be negatively affected, and could become poor over time. Read more here             

It is then very important to seek professional help in restoring a water damaged property and at the same time, have some air purifiers around the home to ensure that the indoor air quality is at its highest.

True Activist shared an infographic that was meant to inform property owners about houseplants that can help purify indoor air.

“In 1989, NASA launched a Clean Air study to determine which household plants are best at filtering harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. Here are the top 18! Household plants are for more than just decor: they brighten a room and filter toxic particulates and pollutants from the air. And, when one lives in the city, being in an environment full of oxygen-producing flora is essential for vibrant health and well-being. Thanks to NASA, there are no more questions when it comes to knowing which plants are best for your health and your home. Following is a great Infographic which explains the top 18 plants you should add to into your house to experience better health and cleaner air.”

Check out the list here.

From the outside

Sometimes though, air quality can be as bad outside the home given the many pollutants in a certain neighborhood or community. shared a revolutionary air purifier that hopefully can help clean up air pollution.

“Two years later, he is taking the world’s largest air purifier on a tour of China. The Smog Free Tower will create bubbles of clean air in inner-city parks and, Roosegaarde hopes, raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution. Rabbits love clean air, too. The tower has just had a pilot run in Roosegaarde’s hometown of Rotterdam, where his company, Studio Roosegaarde, is headquartered.  It had a surprising effect on the local environment.”

Take a look at the towering air purifier here.

This same air purifier has also been featured in the website IFL Science.

“Staring out of a 32nd-floor hotel room window at the smog-obscured Beijing skyline in 2014, Dutch designer and entrepreneur Daan Roosegaarde suddenly had a moment of clarity, realizing that, in spite of the Chinese capital’s famously stubborn air pollution problems, something could still be done to rectify the situation. Two years on, and he’s about to return to the city for a trial of the Smog Free Tower, which he designed in collaboration with Delft University of Technology researcher Bob Ursem. Not only does the tower act as a gigantic air purifier, but it also converts smog extracted from the air into jewelry.”

Read the whole article here.

A good air quality is indeed needed for better health.