How to spot a legitimate mold restoration company

It is always important to hire a legitimate mold professionals when dealing with home mold issues.

Mold issues can be very dangerous to the home structure and the health of its inhabitants. And while professional help needs to be sought as soon as possible for mold issues that have gotten out of hand, it is still important that homeowners be careful in choosing the mold restoration professionals that can help them with their mold problems.

The Better Business Bureau has posted in its official website a warning to homeowners against hiring unscrupulous and unlicensed mold contractors. In their web post, they underscored the importance of checking the history of the company in one’s local BBB website.

“Work with your insurance company. An insurance agent may be able to recommend a reliable and reputable remediation company, and you should contact them first to determine what your insurance policy covers and the process for filing a claim. Verify the company’s license.”

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Scare tactics

Home improvement website The Spruce has extensively discussed the mold remediation business and if it is important for homeowners to avail of such services when they spot molds at their house. They also cautioned homeowners against succumbing to the scare tactics of unscrupulous mold remediation contractors.

“The scary mold in popular imagination–the mold that attacks entire towns–doesn’t really exist. It is often the same benign mold that you see growing in your shower that you spray with Tilex. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even advises that any moldy areas less than 10 square feet (about 3 feet by 3 feet) can be remediated by the homeowner. Beyond that, you may want to talk to a mold remediation contractor.”

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Avoiding Mold Inspection Scams

Home maintenance website Today’s Homeowner meanwhile published an article on how to avoid mold inspection scams. While mold remediation is different from mold inspection services, they mentioned that it is important for every homeowner to know what to expect from each service, and avoid sales talk that could lead them to shelling out more than what they should be paying for. Check over here       

“Avoid Conflict of Interest: Steer clear of companies offering both testing and mold remediation services. You can bet that if someone’s selling a service, they’re likely to “find” something that scares you into signing up for cleanup.”

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It is important that a homeowner find a reputable mold remediation contractor that has a good track record, and has been serving the community for a relatively lengthy period of time.