What to do when the garage gets flooded


Even the garage can get flooded too. (Photo Credits)

Even home car ports or garage can also get flooded. Be it water damage or weather-related flooding, flood damage can still take place even in this area of the house.

So what should a homeowner do to prevent such from occurring?

UK Based Media Telegraph has discussed flood proofing the garage in one of their website Q & As. One of their recommendations is to ask a licensed engineer to undertake the sealing in the garage to prevent flood problems.

“But in principle, I would imagine that the best approach is likely to be to construct a new flood-proof barrier around the outside perimeter of the garage, combined with a sump and automatic pumping system to remove any water that gets through. The latter is usually an integral part of any flood-defence system, because no matter how watertight the walls or flood barriers, in a flood situation water is always likely to find its way upwards through the ground into the defended area.”

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Sealing the garage

The website Ehow.com meanwhile shared ways on how to ensure that the garage sealing will not give way to floodwaters or water damage. in one of their featured web posts, they mentioned that a threshold strip will tremendously help in this aspect.

“This section of the garage door typically has a small rubber seal. Although this rubber seal is in place, it is not adequate protection for keeping out excessive rainwater. When water from heavy rains breaches this thin seal, the entire garage can become flooded in a short amount of time, damaging belongings within. You can easily seal the garage by installing a threshold strip that prevents water from coming into this area.”

The whole explanation can be found here.

High-tech way to prevent garage flooding

Business Insider meanwhile featured a proposed flood proof parking garage that could just be the future of carports. In their article they mentioned that this car park could be very useful in highly urbanized cities that are flood-prone. 24hr Water Damage Repair San Diego Ca

“During storms, the garage would use hydraulics to automatically pop up, reducing the chance of flooding. The water could collect in the reservoir, and then filter out through a connected sewer system. Once the water disappeared, the garage would lower again.”

Take a look at the planned garage here.

Home parking garages should indeed be flood proofed as well.