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Basement flooding

Installing tools to prevent water damage. (Photo Credits)

Water damage can be prevented as long as the property owner remains vigilant and pro active in avoiding it. Apart from ensuring water damage prevention in the home through diligence, there are technological breakthroughs that will help avoid or minimize water damage in any home or commercial property.

One of the worst water damage scenarios that could ever occur in a property is that which is brought about by putting out fire. Dousing water is the best way to put out fire, and once everything is under control, the property owner will be left with the water damage brought about by extinguishing the blaze.

The website Safety First Prevention featured a tool that helps limit water damage due to firefighting. “Shutgun Fire Sprinkler Shutoff Demonstration. Fire Sprinkler activations can be really expensive whether caused by fire or by accident. Shutgun shuts off fire sprinklers fast. The unique fusible link will release the Shutgun if a fire rekindles and the sprinkler will activate. With Shutgun in place, the entire fire sprinkler system stays in operation and the building stays protected.”

Check out how it works here.

Quick Stop

Canadian website Fire Fighting Canada meantime shared information on yet another firefighting tool that helps control water damage on buildings.

“The tool is designed to released when heated and to function as a temporary sprinkler head in the event of a second fire. Check over here The tool is also able to remove FDC caps, make standpipe connections, shut off residential utilities, adjust system pressures (PRV), open oxygen cylinders, block doors open and stop a variety of fire sprinklers.”

See the product here.

Do-it-Yourself Solution

Water level alarms will also be very useful in terms of preventing water damage in the home. But since the installation will entail costs, not all households could afford one. The Electrical Blog then came up with an idea to share a sort of homemade water level alarm instrument. “How to Make a Simple Water Level Indicator Alarm at Home.” Watch the video here.

The above-mentioned tools help a lot in preventing or at the very least minimizing water damage in any home or commercial property.