Water damage can rot furniture

Even the sturdiest kitchen cabinet can rot due to water damage. (Photo Credits)

Kitchen cabinets serve a huge purpose in the kitchen. Without these, the kitchen will be a disorganized mess. But even the sturdiest cupboards and kitchen cabinets can prematurely rot when exposed to flood water or any inundation. Under-sink cabinets in both the kitchen and the bathroom usually get water damaged even without flooding. Pipe leaks are the primary cause of under sink cabinet rotting, as well as sink overflows and occasional.

But how can cabinet damage be avoided once flooding or temporary water inundation hits a home?
Evaluating the damage should be the first step in remediating the possible water damage on the cabinet.
Homeguides SF Gate came up with an informative article detailing how homeowners can deal with water damage on kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
“The first important question that arises is whether or not the cabinet is still structurally sound. If it got wet when a pipe burst, or it’s discolored by high humidity, the chances are that it is. If it has sustained long-term damage from a persistent leak or high humidity, however, the glue joints may be loose and the plywood warped.”
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Repairing damaged cabinets

Repairing damaged cabinets can be possibly done by the homeowner himself if the damage is very minimal. However, when the cabinet calls for replacement or significant repair, it is best to seek the services of a professional.
DoItYourself.com has shared a step by step guide on repairing water-damaged bathroom and kitchen cabinets. In their article, they discussed how to fix wooden veneer cabinets. 24hr Water Damage Repair San Diego Ca
“Water damaged wood veneer cabinets can usually be repaired without the services of a professional refinisher. Generally, water damage, when caught early, will only damage the surface of the veneer. Left for some time, however, the water can penetrate the finish and damage the veneer. Caught early, you will be able to salvage the wood veneer cabinets with a little know-how and a lot of patience.”
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Preventing cabinet water damage

Preventing water damage in cabinets will always be the best way to keep those shelf-shutters from prematurely rotting. While immediate action will help avoid destruction, prevention will eradicate almost all the chances of a cabinet from warping, getting discolored, or getting severely damaged.
Today’s Homeowner gave its readers a tip on the best way to avoid water damage on cabinets. In their article, they recommended installing tiles on the areas where water may leak or splash.
“Theoretically, the inside of a sink cabinet shouldn’t be getting wet, but in the real world, that’s not the case. Too often there’s a leak, either from the trap or the faucet, and if the water sits on the floor, it will eventually rot it out. So here’s a way to prevent that. Buy some vinyl tiles. They’re only about a buck a piece, and they’ve got a peel and stick adhesive on the back. Remove the paper backing, peel it off, and it’s a simple installation, as simple as just pressing it down.”
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Homeowners should take a more pro-active role when it comes to avoiding water damage in the cabinets.

Here is a video detail;ing how to deal with kitchen cabinet rot.