Mold Vs Mildew

Stains a plenty

What is more destructive, molds or mildew? (Photo Credits)

For some homeowners, mold and mildew are used interchangeably. It can actually be even more confusing because there are also some mold and mildew cleansers that are marketed the same way. But what really is their main difference? Should there be a different approach in removing mold and mildew in the house?

The website mentioned that generally, molds grow on food and structure while mildew grows on plants and trees.

“In a practical sense, making the mistake of calling an indoor or outdoor mold found on a building “mildew” is not a big deal. With the exception of avoiding spending on costly cleanup of harmless cosmetic molds or stains, the mold remediation and mold prevention procedures in a building are about the same regardless of mistakes in naming the mold. You won’t find mildew on or in a building on anything but a living plant, despite the names found on indoor or outdoor cleaning products that use the term “mildewcide” and “mildew-resistant product”, or found in “mold reports” or in home inspections notwithstanding.”

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Level of danger also came up with an explanation that differentiates molds from mildew. In their web post one of the first things they discussed is the physical appearance of these organisms. Check over here 

“From a texture and appearance standpoint, mold looks different than mildew. It usually appears to be “fuzzy,” as well as slimy. It shows itself in irregular shapes and the colors of these spots are rarely consistent, ranging in shades of blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, black, or white. Unfortunately, it can be tough to spot mold right away, as it only becomes visible as the colonies begin to spread and grow. However, mold does possess a musty smell, which is a tell-tale sign of its existence in a space.”

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Preventive measures are the same also discussed the similarities and differences of molds and mildew. In the same write-up, it also mentioned ways to prevent mold and mildew from growing inside the house.

“Keeping areas dry is the most important preventative measure for eliminating mold and mildew. Moldy food should not be eaten. A mildew infestation on paper and some fabrics cannot be scrubbed off, but a mildew remover can usually get rid of mildew on harder surfaces such as those found in bathrooms. Some mold and mildew removal products should not be used by people who have asthma or in areas that are not well-ventilated.”

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When unsure as to how to properly remove mold growth, it will be best to consult a professional.