Suspecting Mold Issues

No273 13 Oct 2009 Sneeze

What to do when suspecting mold issues. (Photo Credits)

When a homeowner is suspecting mold issues, it is important that it be confirmed immediately by a professional. Molds when left untreated can become a source of health issues, and at the same time can affect the structural integrity of the home.

And while it may not be covered by a standard home insurance, it is crucial that it be addressed right away to prevent further problems that could aggravate its effects on the whole household. Read more here   says the moment suspects mold presence, should be the same time that a professional mold inspection be commissioned. In their write up they say that a mold inspection be called for right away when there are already some visible signs of molds.

“Due to the hidden nature of mold, the visible part of mold is just the tip of the iceberg as mold prefers to grow behind the walls and under flooring and carpeting. Only professional mold inspectors can tell where and how much moisture is hidden in your building structure by using thermal imaging equipment. If area moisture levels have been high for a prolonged period of time, there is a good chance of mold presence.”

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Mold testing kits

The website Inspectapedia says that mold inspection kits are likely ineffective and that nothing can replace a professional mold inspection.

“A low-cost superficial test or superficial ‘quick look’ for problem mold (such as an ‘air test for mold’, a ‘home test kit for mold’ or a ‘mold culture test’) is likely be a waste of money since those approaches to screening a building for mold contamination are unreliable. Certainly if problem mold is visible that’s unambiguous. But superficial visual inspections and grab-tests for mold in air or on surfaces, performed without being accompanied by a very thorough building inspection, history taking, and occupant interview, have a high risk of missing important reservoirs of problem mold in a building.”

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Avoiding scams

Today’s Homeowner meantime alerted its readers against possible mold inspection scams that may lure unsuspecting property owners. In one of their web posts, they explained how to spot unscrupulous individuals who present themselves as mold inspectors.

“You don’t need secondary samples, surface swabs, or testing of your clothing or furnishings. If there’s mold in the air, you can bet it’s on your sofa, too. Concentrate instead on learning where the mold is originating, and exactly what’s needed to fix it. I found the moisture assessment far more useful than air sampling, and I wouldn’t hire a company that didn’t offer it.”

More information can be found here.

Molds can be very pervasive and they multiply quickly. It is best to detect and remediate them as soon as possible.